Effervescent H2 Magnesium tabs by Drink HRW and Natural Wellness Now: The most comprehensive and efficacious anti-aging supplement on the market


Following the seminal research article on molecular hydrogen published in Nature Med (2007), research on molecular hydrogen as a therapeutic agent has exploded. In recent years, the number of peer reviewed publications has doubled year on year, leading to now over 1000 unique articles citing evidence of beneficial effects in over 170 disease models across every organ in the human body.

For years the intricate pharmacokinetics and mechanisms of action of molecular hydrogen eluded research efforts however, recent discoveries and publications have elucidated some of the diverse functions in which H2 is a key player. H2 has the potential to be a product with the ability to impact all demographics, with unique marketing and formulations targeting specific sub groups. From natural health and sports science to science based anti aging, H2 therapy can be impactful.

Previous challenges facing H2 as a commercial product have delayed the market from growing at the rate of research in this area. While ongoing research is a necessity, delivering an affordable and user-friendly product to consumers in a manner that offers lucrative margins to distribution is paramount. Previous commercial goods have lacked elements, or included stipulations restraining their mass appeal: for example, complicated preparation, foul taste, high cost or lack of efficacy.

Drink HRW offers a unique opportunity for custom formulations and white label distribution channels bringing to market our patent-pending methodology of “super-saturation” in open containers of water by utilising maximized dissolution kinetics.


Drink HRW was founded in Q2 of 2015 and for 13 months the company objective was solely focused on R&D and optimisation of formulations. After nearly 2000 iterative adjustments, the first commercial grade product was identified in Q2 of 2016, with accompanying patent applications.

Utilizing a special military grade of magnesium with a custom blend of excipients, the research team at Drink HRW has fine tuned the process to engineer clouds of “hydrogen nano-bubbles”

that are relatively stable in water for extended periods without the need for external pressurization. Drink HRW offers a suite of custom formula options, all delivering at minimum, full saturation of H2 (with additional benefits such as flavouring or synergy with other ingredients), and up to 6x the saturation limits of H2 other commercial products struggle to achieve. We also have a corporate objective to achieve this while maintaining affordability and simplicity of use. In addition to delivering the highest concentrations of H2 commercially available in the most convenient manner, Drink HRW effervescent H2 magnesium tablets also deliver a highly bioavailable magnesium supplement in the form of free magnesium ions in the water.

Dissolution Kinetics: Why our tablet is special

The observation that we were able to super saturate water without external pressure was a serendipitous discovery. We spent months attempting to falsify our hypothesis which generated more and more data to support the evidence of what the phenomenon: To quote Isaac Asimov “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…’”

While maximizing the saturation of H2 in a closed container in as little time as possible, we discovered an interesting phenomenon. When the test container was opened, the water would ‘boil’ vigorously and if tested during the ‘boiling’ we could measure a hydrogen reading of 1.6 mg/L. However, if tested seconds later when the water had become ‘white’ we could consistently measure 3.5-4 mg/L. This reading was confusing, as PSI readings of the containers were consistent with a reading of 3.5-4 mg/L, however if it was stabilized and dissolved the water would not boil and read 1.6 mg/L and then turn white with a higher reading.

Like the rest of the commercial industry, as well as the researchers preparing H2, we were fixated on only half of the story, Henry’s Law. Henry’s Law tell us how much gas will dissolve in an aqueous solution at equilibrium. Henry’s Law was the limit to our understanding of H2 saturation, or more importantly the dosage and concentrations of H2 delivered to the user.

Through our observations regarding the ‘white water’ and several others, we were able to identify another factor: Le Chateliers principle. Le Chateliers principle talks about how when the pressure, heat or other factors in a system rise, reactions will increase or decrease in an attempt to reach equilibrium.

What this means for H2-creating-tablet science is that by dropping our newly-created quick-reacting tablet in a closed bottle, we were in effect dramatically increasing the pressure in the system in a very short time. The reaction was slowing to a stop, leaving unreacted magnesium in suspension. Once the pressure was released, the remaining unreacted magnesium created a rush of H2- enough to sparge (or ‘push out’) the super-saturated contents. Fortunately, this lead to our second discovery: by controlling the rate of reaction through pressure, we are able to create nanobubbles which follow different physics. Due to the specifically formulated reaction and conditions of speed, nanobubbles, dissolution kinetics, etc. the H2 concentration in water can be upwards of 4 mg/L rather than the 1.6 mg/L typically allowed as per Henry’s Law. This finding allowed us to fine tune formulations and create an approach that

creates a cloud of nano-bubbles from the instant the water and tablet touch. By creating a cloud full of nano-bubbles, we are able to utilize both the effects of Henry’s Law by increasing the internal pressure of the water, and then Le Chateliers by ‘trapping’ remaining unreacted Mg in suspension to act as a reserve tank as the pressure releases. What this means is that as the cloud of nano bubbles forms, 4 mg/L of H2 is circulating inside the water. Unreacted magnesium is transiently trapped in suspension, and for every molecule of H2 that escapes the surface from coalescing into larger bubbles- or is diffused into cells internally- an equal amount of magnesium reacts to take its place.

On top of strong patent application filings, our technologies are further strengthened by extreme modifications needed for each individual ingredient. Exact milling of components is needed to produce precise particle shape and size. Our mixing protocol alone is a 27-step procedure. The Drink HRW team brings over 2000 formula adjustments, refined manufacturing and constant product improvement with the goal of attaining the maximal experience.

Gene Signalling


Excessive levels of inflammation is believed to be one of the three most common precursors and driving forces of disease and premature death along with insulin resistance and oxidative stress. These three factors lead to a myriad of disease models, and contribute to premature aging at a cellular level. These stresses accelerate the shortening of our telomeres (needed for cell division) by either reducing our levels of telomerase, the enzyme required to extend our telomeres, or by causing a cascade of signals which reduce telomerase efficiency. 1234567891011

While hydrogen administration does not directly eliminate inflammation it will down-regulate the production of pro inflammatory cytokines through various pathways when excess inflammation occurs which can promote a normal level of inflammation121314151617181920212223242526 Non steroidal anti inflammatorys (NSAIDS) typically used as a treatment for inflammation treat the symptoms of inflammation but not the underlying cause. In addition, they also have unwanted side effects including nephrotoxity (kidney damage) and GI trauma (ulcers). Other more powerful (prescription only) COX inhibitors and corticosteroids will completely eliminate inflammation which can be as hazardous as excess inflammation. Hydrogen can promote a healthy level of inflammation through regulation of our pro inflammatory cytokines.

Oxidative Stress

As one of the ‘main’ issues in disease indicators along with inflammation and insulin resistance, an imbalance of oxidative stress is a primary marker in the vast majority of diseases. Exogeneous

antioxidant supplementation has shown to lack efficacy at best in a recent meta analysis27, and in some cases may prove harmful due to indiscriminately reducing necessary oxidative species while down regulating our endogenous production of antioxidants28, even leading to an increase in prevalence of cancer.29 Understandably, the ground breaking seminal article in Nature Med showing hydrogen acts as a selective antioxidant in only reducing the most cytotoxic hydroxyl radicals, the ‘bad oxidative species’ was met with considerable interest and an explosion in research.30 Since this article, the exact mechanisms in which hydrogen works as an antioxidant have been further explored, with the realization that the most profound benefit is its ability to activate the Nrf2 pathway, regulating our bodies endogenous antioxidant productions of glutathione, catalase, super oxide dismutase, etc. protecting against oxidative damages and promoting a homeostatic antioxidant/oxidative stress balance.313233343536 While other potent Nrf2 activators have come under criticism with the potential that the increased cholesterol levels in the liver associated with their administration may overshadow the benefits of increased antioxidant production37, and perhaps more disturbing the evidence suggesting in some instances Nrf2 activation beyond homeostatic levels can promote cancerous tumours and decrease the effectiveness of chemotherapy3839. In constrast, hydrogen stands alone as a solution as it only promotes Nrf2 activation towards homeostatic balance of our ROS/Antioxidant system. It has also shown to lower our LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterols while promoting our HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol404142 , and also as both suppression of tumor growth 4344 while suppressing the negative side effects of cancer treatments without interfering with efficacy in two randomized clinical trials as well as rodent studies45464748.

Through its attenuation of oxidative stress, hydrogen has shown to be an effective treatment in human studies of rheumatoid arthritis4950, Hepatitis B51, Parkinson’s Disease52, and many more.

Glucose Homeostasis and Insulin Sensitivity

In a tragic cyclical relationship that leads to, or dramatically increases the risk of, a plethora of diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, shortening of the telomeres and more, increased blood glucose leads to the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance and AGE crosslink formation further exacerbate the issue of blood glucose levels by decreased glucose absorption, leading to higher blood glucose levels, increased insulin resistance and further formations of AGEs.53 Hydrogen has shown incredible promise in assisting both in healthy glucose levels as well as increasing insulin sensitivity in both animals and human studies of metabolic syndrome and diabetes- both types I and II.5455565758596061 One Type II diabetes drug, acarbose, may work in part by creating excess molecular hydrogen.6263  H2 acts as a protective shield to mitigate the damages and prevent this avalanche of symptoms from developing into chronic illness. While also profound for its’ neuroprotection, hydrogen has also shown to increase ghrelin secretion in mice64, which is also needed for glucose metabolism.65 Additionally, the highly bioavailable magnesium found in our tablets further adds to this protection. Magnesium is a cofactor of many enzymes involved in glucose metabolism such as its role in insulin action, and insulin stimulates magnesium uptake in insulin-sensitive tissues66.

Hydrogen has also shown to positively impact body weight composition.67

Neuroprotection, and a healthy mind

One of hydrogens greatest potentials is the exciting findings indicating it may act as a potential prophylactic neurodegenerative agent. Research on therapeutic Hydrogen has gathered considerable evidence demonstrating results in neurodegenerative diseases such as a 52 week human trial on mild cognitive impairment68, Alzheimer’s6970 and Parkinson’s717273, benefits in protection from cognitive impairment/decline747576777879808182, rodent models on central nervous system diseases such as ALS83  and MS84, reduction of neuroinflammation8586 and recovery from stroke878889 and traumatic brain injuries90. Hydrogen has also shown to induce secretion of ghrelin91 which has demonstrated neuroprotective capabilities.9293 On top of Hydrogen’s ability to protect against both long term deterioration in our brain, as well as acute injury, it has shown to positively effect mood, anxiety and depression both in rodent and human models,949596 as well as reducing autistic like behaviours in mice.97

Senescent Cells, Anti-Apoptosis, Telomerase and the Mitochondria

Along with the vast list of benefits being explored for various markers associated with disease progression, hydrogen also has shown promise in protecting our cells and DNA from damage and aging at a fundamental level. The mitochondria function as our cells power plants, releasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) for a source of chemical energy. When mitochondria ‘die’ or stop functioning, our lysosome is tasked with breaking them down. A challenge facing our evolved system is when mitochondria mutate internally and are able to escape detection from the lysosome. Internally mutated mitochondria escape lysosomal detection and releases damaging oxidative molecules, which are linked to apoptosis, or cellular death98. Molecular hydrogen is a small enough molecule to pass right into the mitochondria and decrease hydroxyl radicals at the source, and has shown to be protective towards mitochondrial health and function99100101102 while protecting against mitochondrial damaged and other damage induced cell apoptosis.103104105106107108109110111112113114115116 Hydrogen has also shown to be able to prevent cellular senescence117118, which is the phenomenon where cells stop dividing, increase telomerase activity119, the RNA containing protein that extends our telomeres and activate Sirt194120121 which is linked to extending lifespan in rodents122123.

Athletic Performance & Recovery

Hydrogen has received a considerable amount of research regarding its’ benefits for athletes. Studies have focused on decreasing healing time by speeding up healing of soft tissue injury, decreasing inflammation, and plasma viscosity124, or rather proteins in our blood which coincide with inflammation. Hydrogen also helps by decreasing blood lactate levels leading to increased work completed before fatigue125126127, over all peak performance128 as well as potentially decreasing time needed for recovery129. Hydrogen has shown to increase work capacity, time to exhaustion and VO2 max130, decrease soreness post exercise when administered topically131, and regulate our redox to eliminate exercise induced oxidative stress without blunting gains132133134.

Skin Health

While only a few articles exist on the potential benefits for H2 and skin health, these benefits include wrinkle reduction135, atopic dermatitis136137, burn wounds138, psoriasis and skin lesions both through topical and oral administration,139140 pressure ulcers141, as well as UV damage142 and erythematous skin

disease143. Additionally, the tablet delivers ionic magnesium which has shown to be bioavailable through the skin not just for skin health, but absorption for whole body supplementation144. While the tablet remains stoichiometrically alkaline due to the magnesium content, the momentary pH upon topical application falls in the 4.6-5pH range. This range is the precise range in which our skin naturally operates, and is optimal for our skins resident flora.145

Acts as a Selective Antioxidant

One of the chronic challenges humanity is dealing with in longevity research is oxidative stress. Oxygen, so critical for life as we know it, wreaks havoc on our cells through certain oxygen free radicals. As our bodies age or become sick, these oxygen radicals increase and our health plummets into a downward spiral. In the beginning the Universe began with Hydrogen, so the realization that hydrogen is capable of supressing the most damaging oxidative radical, which if the suppression is done by reaction, the product becomes the essence of life, water, was not only a profound revelation which lead to an avalanche of research but truly poetic.


Magnesium is perhaps the most important- and the most deficient macro mineral in the human body, necessary in over 300 biological functions. It is estimated that nearly 90% of North Americans do not receive adequate magnesium from their diets, with an annual 4.5 million preventable deaths attributed to heart disease and stroke that may have been avoided through adequate magnesium intake through water source.146 Many magnesium supplements offer poor bioavailability, such as the most common supplemental form magnesium oxide. One study suggests the average availability of magnesium oxide to be as low as 4%147. In reality, depending on the strength of each individuals stomach acid, the bioavailability could be higher or even as low as zero. One of the results of our reaction is a powerful secondary benefit. The elemental magnesium first reacts creating with water creating magnesium hydroxide. Since hydroxide is a function of pH, our buffering acids are able to reduce the hydroxide dissociating it from the magnesium and leaving free magnesium ions in suspension. These magnesium ions will in turn be highly bioavailable, offering a fantastic source for this critical mineral.

Drink HRW Studies

Currently Drink HRW has provided product for one published human trial, positive effects of supplementation on VO2 max, exercise capacity and time to exhaustion in mid age overweight women in a 28 day double blind placebo controlled crossover design. This study was presented at the annual American College of Sports Medicine conference in 2018. Additionally, two completed trials are under peer review using Drink HRW tablets(acute supplementation, exercise, and 28 day for non alcoholic fatty liver disease). Further, Drink HRW has 2 other trials currently underway(post stroke, metabolic syndrome), and 3 more set to begin in 2019(topical for soft tissue injury, post concussion recovery, chronic fatigue syndrome). We at Drink HRW are always actively seeking public researchers interested in molecular hydrogen, willing to donate product and funds for increased testing.


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